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organizer TJ Jiskra Jaroměř
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Information OPEN


The Babylon cup 2018 is the 10th run of the international soccer tournament.


Date: 7th and 8th July 2018

Category: OPEN - for adults


Place: Football stadium in Jaroměř, Czech republic - map

Number of teams: Max. number of participated teams 120.

Registration fee: € 60 (1450 Kč)

Registration: Deadline on 21th June 2018! Team registration means payment of registration fee.


How to pay the registration fee: Transfer to account: IBAN - CZ. As a variable symbol use your phone number. The message for fee acceptor will include the name of team and contact person.

Game duration: 2 x 12 minutes (time can be changed according to number of registered teams)

Number of players: 4+1

Tournament framework: Matches in qualification groups will be played on Saturday 4th July. On Sunday 5th July, 2 or 3 first teams of each qualification group will move up to the final part of the tournament. In Sunday quarterfinal groups of 5 teams will be formed and teams will play each to each. KO system will be held in final matches. Prospective tournament framework will depend on number of registered teams.

Other information: Buffet, showers, WC and car parking will be ensured throughout the tournament.

There will be tent city situated in the area of the football stadium. We can offer you an accommodation in hostel, school dorm or in hotel. More information will be provided by our contact persons (


The winner of the 6th, 8th, 9th run in 2014, 2015, 2016: Mordor team from Městec Králové (CZE).

FK Lochotín - Vítěz Babylon cupu 2013


The winner of the fifth run in 2013: FK Lochotín from Pilsner (CZE).

FK Lochotín - Babylon cupu 2013 winner

The winner of the fourth run in 2012: MAGIX from Sereď (SVK).

Vítěz 4. ročníku Babylon cupu 2011 - Magix (SK - Sereď)


The winner of the third run in 2011: Milano Jaroměř (CZE).

Vítěz 3. ročníku Babylon cupu 2011 - Milano Jaroměř


The winner of the second run in 2010: FK Lochotín from Pilsner (CZE).

Vítěz 2. ročníku Babylon cupu 2010 - FK Lochotín


The winner of the first run in 2009: ACADEMIX from Hradec Kralove (CZE).

Vítěz 1. ročníku Babylon cupu 2009 - Academix


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