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organizer TJ Jiskra Jaroměř
main partner Hlavní partneři
partners Partneři
medial partners Mediální partneři

Information LADIES


The Babylon cup 2015 is the 5th run of the international ladies soccer tournament, which is organized parallel with the two-day tournament of adults category.


Date: 4th July 2015

Category: LADIES - for women and girls.

Place: Football stadium in Jaroměř, Czech republic - map

Number of teams:  Number of participated teams 20.

Pitches: grass pitches (40 x 20 m).

Registration fee: € 37 (990 Kč)

Registration: Deadline on 19th June 2015! Team registration means payment of registration fee.

 How to pay the registration fee:  Transfer to account: IBAN - CZ8403000000000260917421. As a variable symbol use your phone number. The message for fee acceptor will include the name of team and contact person.

Game duration: 2 x 12 minutes (time can be changed according to number of registered teams)

Numbers of players: 4+1

Tournament framework:   Saturday morning - groups, Saturday afternoon - PLAY OFF

Additional program: Water football and other attraction will be situated in the area of the stadium.

Other information: Buffet, showers, WC and car parking will be ensured throughout the tournament.

Accommodation: There will be tent city situated in the area of the football stadium. We can offer you an accommodation in hostel, school dorm or in hotel. More information will be provided by our contact persons (

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