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Played by the rules of football great additions over and above!

Team roster - each team will receive a pre-tournament "team roster". This roster properly completed and delivered during attendance at the tournament. Number of players on the roster is not limited to, a player may only be on one team . The struggle for a team may enter only players on the roster of the team. Violation of these points will be penalized by exclusion from the tournament team.(All team matches will be contumacy).

Procedure - a victory for the team receives 3 points, draw 1 point. If a tie results in a KO system kicked three penalty kicks.


The location decisions:
1st greater number of points in the group (their average)
2nd greater number of points of mutual matches
3rd greater difference scores of mutual matches
4th greater number of goals scored in a cross-matches
5th greater difference in group scores
6th greater number of goals scored in group
7th toss

Small houses - is not allowed (if the goalkeeper grabs the hand ball that was passed by his teammate and part of the leg below the knee, refers to the autového kick).Playing goalie leg is allowed indefinitely.

Exclusion the yloučený player must go back to the game and has a stop at the next game (if the game board will contumacy). The team resumes play a weakening by the end of the game players even collected a goal.

The referee ends the match if the number of players from one team on the field dropped to three, further insulting the referee.

Means to assault: hitting, kicking, intentional tripping, shoving a violent, violent CLOUMAN, deliberately discarded whistle from his mouth, intentionally hitting a sharp ball or other object, a slap of the referee, spilled water, pull cards from your hand, etc.  


For insulting a referee is a team eliminated from the tournament and all the results are contumacy!

Cards - if a player receives a yellow or red card, his team is obliged to pay penalties. The card can also get the players on the bench for unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalties must be paid before the next match of their team. YC (yellow card) - CZK 20 , RC (red card) - CZK 50 . The money for the fines to be levied immediately after the match at the workers in the Information Center . It is possible to pay a refundable deposit, from which the penalty retained.

Standard situation - the cars are opening kick, the ball must stand in line, at rest. Drive-in corner kick and the player must be done within 5 seconds from the moment the ball with authority and is on the spot kick. Directly from a corner kick goal can be achieved. Goals can be achieved directly from the opening kick-off, autového kick, indirect free kick from the right or ejection from the goalies, goalkeeper of the excavation so!

During the warm-standard situations, all players must be the opposing team at least 3 meters away. The ball follows the warm-must lie at rest on the spot kick and the game is up after the move. If a player of the team against which plays for the free kick, the ball closer before you put into play, the referee ordered a free kick, and repeat the offending player a yellow card to order.

The goalkeeper has cue ball in the penalty area from his hand as the ball lay on the ground, is at stake.

Offside - the rule does not operate here.

Other - each of the teams are required to have a tournament 2 ball No. 5 team must before the match ball to present both the referee (ie the ball during the game will be deposited at the midline).

Boots with removable pins are prohibited !

There is no waiting period , if the team fails to match time, followed by 3-0 Forfeits.

Members of the team have a uniform color jerseys, goalkeeper must be distinguished by color jersey. (If the same jerseys for both teams decide to change jerseys lot (rozlišováky). The numbers on the jersey, not mandatory.

The tournament is played in any weather. In case of rain, and more durable at the discretion of the owner field of unfitness ground will kick penalty kicks according to the fixtures.

Protests -  can be made at the information center within 10 minutes after the match with a deposit of 300, - CZK.The protest must be resolved within 30 minutes. If accepted as legitimate, the deposit is returned.

Conclusion  the competition is not insured and all of us here at their own risk. The premises are secure area, so he deferred the case for all throughout the area corresponding to every man and is not entitled to any compensation from the organizer. 

These rules are binding on all teams and players. It is the duty captain (leader) of the team to familiarize them with all the players. The contest organizer reserves the right to change these rules, the court system, and even during the tournament.In this case, those changes will be communicated to all captains (leaders) teams.

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