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Babylon Cup 2010 - a newspaper article!

Jaromer - The first holiday weekend of the thirdand 4 July Jaroměř held in one of the biggest football tournament in the Czech Republic and Central Europe - Babylon Cup 2010.

The second edition of the popular tournament attracted 88 teams across the Czech Republic, Slovakia (11 teams) and Poland (1 team). Football players began to flock to our city as early as Friday evening, they were accommodated in boarding SOU in Hotel 28 and less demanding was prepared in a tent city near the soccer complex in Rose Street.

Saturday's struggles began as early as 8:30 am and the 9-pitch, heavy fighting took place! 46 participants of Sunday's final two winners added Pub Rosacea second chance. On Saturday evening were all successful and unsuccessful participants ready to disco.

On Sunday he played the Babylon Junior Cup, which is not lost our hope sparks when he won the bronze medal. The second ended Broumovská soccer school for children and the victory of the team took Jaroměř-N FK SAN Šumperk, which took the cup from the selection of former captain Europe in 17 years John Hable. 

 Final fight was brutal adults. In the first semifinal Milan won the home Jaromer with Wayne's team 2-0, then won the second semifinal Lochotin FC Hradec team over the flocof birds 2-0. The third place after a pitched battle scored Wayne's team, which won the team flock of birds 4-2. The finals had a very interesting course and high level home in Milan, but it was not enough for FK Lochotin and lost 1:2. Babylon Cup title winner in 2010 and heading to Pilsen region.

The tournament is attended by thousands of players, was played 348 games in which wickets fell in 1069. Next the 3rd year is scheduled for 2and 3 July 2011, and now look forward to another new adventure.


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