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organizer TJ Jiskra Jaroměř
main partner Hlavní partneři
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medial partners Mediální partneři

Welcome to the new sites of Babylon cup!

The second run will be played in Jaroměř on 3rd and 4th of July 2010.

We have registred 85 teams in OPEN category from the Czech republic, Slovakia and Poland and 8 teams in JUNIOR category one months before the start tournament.

There will be free Wi-Fi in areal.

Every team will receive the free t-shirt Babylon cup 2010 before the first match.

You can view the photos of the teams which played on the Babylon cup 2009 in history.

You can use the easy registration form.  

WARNING:  Dead line of registration is 25th of June

(registration means payment of registration fee.)

Vítěz 1. ročníku Babylon cupu 2009 - Academix            Areal Babylon cupu - letecký snímek.

 Babylon cup Junior - vyhlášení            Babylon cup Junior 

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